Pond Building


What's Around Your Water Feature Is Important Too! What's the best way to finish the edges of your pond so it looks great and is easy to maintain?

The Benefits of Adding A Stream To Your Pond : Learn why a creek is so important for your pond.

Should I Rock My Pond? : The answer is yes!

How To Install Pond Lighting : A step by step guide to using underwater lights

How Exactly Does Rain Harvesting Work? : Understand the basics of how a rainwater harvesting system works

DIY or Professional Installation? : Factors to consider when deciding to hire professionals to build your water feature or to tackle it yourself

Can Cool Ponds Redo My Water Feature? : Find out more about Cool Ponds' water feature remodeling

Water Feature Repair : We walk you through step-by-step to detect a leak in your water feature.

How Deep Should My Pond Be? : Let the pros explain what the ideal pond depth is.

Top 5 Things To Consider When Building Your Pond : Read these tips from the pros before you begin your pond building project.

What Exactly Is Pond Filtration? : Get the ins and outs of the easiest, most natural ways to filter your pond.

How Much Should I Expect to Pay for a Water Feature? : Whether you're new to water features or want to remodel your existing one, find out the general costs of building.

Choosing The Right Equipment : Save yourself some heartache later -- read this personal message from Staci. 

So Many Reasons to Have a New Pond : All the benefits from having a pond may surprise you!

The Biological Waterfalls : Learn what a "biological waterfall" is and why they're so important for your pond.

Why Buying a Complete, Customized Pond Kit Is Best : Have you ever done any plumbing? How frustrating is it to have to run back to the store over and over... Buying a kit from Cool Ponds eliminates the typical DIY do-overs. We'll get you set up properly the first time.

Your Water Feature Investment

Choosing The Right Water Feature

Pond-Free Waterfalls Are Cool!

Essential Elements of a Low Maintenance Pond


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