Pond-Free Waterfalls Are Cool!

What the Heck is a Pond-Free
or Pondless Waterfall?

If you don't know what a pond-free waterfall is yet, have no fear I will explain it to you. These types of features are extremely popular. A Pond-Free has benefits that appeal to many people who may not want a pond or to people who want a second water feature.

A pond-free waterfall is just as it sounds -- a waterfall without a pond. There is a basin where the pond would normally be, but it is disguised by rocks. Your pump is safely housed in a vault within the basin. The vault although nicely camouflaged, is very easy to get to for pump maintenance. Check out the photo below:

Pond-free waterfall diagram.

A pond-free is built similar to a pond but with different components. The pump sits in a vault and the reservoir at the bottom is filled with boxes that hold water in them with rock and gravel that contains the water and hides all components.

Here are some benefits of a pond-free waterfall:
  • Pond-free waterfalls hold and use much less water than a pond. A pond-free waterfall can hold as little as 50 gallons of water. 
  • Because the water is enclosed, you'll lose less water to evaporation
  • Pond-free waterfalls can be easily designed to collect rain water for other purposes. It's easy to run a downspout to the basin to collect the water. Which would you rather look at, a rain barrel or a beautiful waterfall? Plus, the waterfall basin will hold more water than a rain barrel and can be easily plumbed with a hose that operates off the water feature pump!
  • Less maintenance than a pond. It's easier to remove debris without a body of water and no ecosystem to maintain. Want to keep it completely algae-free? Simply put a timer on it so that it shuts off at night.
  • Takes up less space than a pond. A pond-free can be sized to go most anywhere.
  • You can have a beautiful garden that you don't have to water! Simply plant attractive marginal plants in the creek and/or basin. They'll thrive and grow without you needing to water them.
  • Makes an exceptional birdbath! Birds and other critters love to splash in and drink from waterfalls and creeks. And unlike traditional birdbaths, you don't have to clean or fill them daily!
  • Make a statement! Pond-free waterfalls can beautify a front door, entrance, driveway or other space that you might otherwise worry about a body of water.
  • Can be ran all winter (beautiful in the snow) or simply remove the pump until spring!

One of our Pond-free displays at the 2011 Indiana Flower and Patio Show.

 Pond-free waterfalls are like ponds in that they can be designed to be any shape or size. The above photo is a Pond-free with a 7' creek. The photo below shows a Pond-free with a 40' creek.

Our Pond-Free waterfall at the Marion County Fairgrounds.

Of course, we have several pond-free waterfalls displays at our store.
Stop by...we'll be happy to take you on a tour!


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