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Leave It Up or Take It Down... Let's Talk About It

  Netting your water feature in the fall is so beneficial! But once the leaves are down and cleaned up, I'm ready to put it away! I prefer not to look at my water features netted all winter. Plus I want the critters in my yard to be able to get a drink or take a bath. But there are reasons to keep your water feature netted until late winter or spring. You have trees that don't drop their leaves until well into winter -- oaks, beech trees, etc. If you have a tree that's a late dropper, you definitely don't want to take your net down. The neighbors are the problem . Sometimes you get your leaves cleaned up only to have your neighbor's blow in. In this situation it is better to just wait. Hopefully a nice wind will blow all of them away. There are predators lurking around. Without plant coverage, pond fish are very much exposed. Leaving your net up gives them a layer of protection from birds that could see your fish while flying over. There are work arounds for this..

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