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Floating Islands

Over the past couple of years, we have started to love, love, love floating plant islands! They are nothing new, but we have been building them in so many different ways -- there are so many options! Here's the great part --  not only are they beautiful, but they are so beneficial to your pond!  How so?   Let's look at it... Aquatic plants are really great at filtering pond water.  Now, not all aquatic plants are equal when it comes to filtering. To keep both green water and string algae from entering the picture, your pond really needs marginal plants also known as shallow water plants. The problem is that many DIY ponds are build in a way that doesn't allow for shallow water plants. If they have a shelf, often times it is too deep for shallow water plants to live. So in comes the floating island! So many options.  Here's what you can use... Hardy plants so your island will grow back each year Using hardy plants means they will go dormant in the winter but then grow ba

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