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So Tell Me a Little About Yourself...

Funny, no one ever asks us to tell them about our business. When new customers visit our retail store most of them probably have an idea in their mind of what our business model is... or at least what they think it is. But most likely it's wrong.  It appears on the outside that we are a retail store that maybe does a little water feature installation and maintenance. But, that is SO FAR from the truth. It's actually the opposite. We have been a full scale landscape company from the beginning. Our retail store was opened in 2004 to support our water feature installation customers. Others, whom we didn't install for, just also found us. Of course we are grateful for that!  Cool Ponds is actually 60% installation, 25% maintenance, and 15% retail. Yep, that's right. Our little store is more a showroom for our installation clients than anything else! When we change our retail hours through the season, it doesn't mean we aren't working -- actually we work our tails of

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