How Much Should I Expect to Pay for a Water Feature?

backyard pond

When you say the words "water feature," lots of images come to mind. I mean a water feature can be a lot of things. A simple pot with a fountain is a water feature. For the purposes of this article, I'm talking about ponds (rubber-lined, backyard ponds) and pond-free waterfalls.

Remember that our goal in installing your water feature is to build a long-term relationship with you and your water feature. We want you to love your water feature so much you can't wait to tell everyone about it and how wonderful it is, and you get to enjoy it without spending a lot of time working on it. Does that describe the water feature you have now?


When we talk about pond kits and installed ponds at Cool Ponds, we are talking about something very specific. Our ponds have biological and mechanical filtration, are lined with 45 mil rubber liner, and include EVERYTHING you need to have a beautiful, low maintenance pond. Plus, when complete, you will not see any rubber liner, tubing, pump, filter, wires... it will look completely natural.

Can you picture it?

This isn't the pond you see in the hardware store flyer, and it's certainly not as high maintenance either! Believe it or not... our installed ponds start at $8,700* for an 8' by 10' by 2' deep pond with a waterfall and 5' long creek. Everything you need for that pond is there when we are finished. Plus we walk you step by step through how to take care of it. If you don't want to take care of it, we can sign you up for our maintenance program and you never lift a finger!

Pond-Free Waterfalls

A pond-free waterfall is a waterfall and creek without the pond at the bottom. It actually has a small pond but it's underground so you don't see it. If you want the sound and sight of a waterfall but don't necessarily want fish or water lilies, then a pond-free might be an option for you.

Our pond-free waterfalls also look completely natural with no mechanical parts showing. Our 5' waterfall and creek pond-free starts at $8,000*. When we are finished, it will be complete, and we will discuss everything you need to do to maintain your feature ... which isn't much.

*Prices listed are as of 2022 and are subject to change at any time.

serenity garden cool ponds
This is the Serenity Garden at our display center. 

How Do You Know What You Want?

What do you do before you buy a car? You go see some models at a dealership and you test drive one or two, right? Well you can do the exact same thing with our water features. We have a display center that's built for just that purpose. You can walk our gardens and see a wide range of water features, all set in landscapes and with seating areas around them, and get a feel for what types you like. Prices are posted so you can also see what best fits your budget. Take a seat next to each pond and watch the fish, listen to the waterfalls, spot some frogs poking out from underneath lilies -- whatever you fancy!

What's the worst part about buying a car? The SALESPEOPLE. Seriously, we mean absolutely no disrespect to any car salespeople, but it sucks to be followed around the lot when you're trying to discuss options with your partner.

Well, we don't do that here at Cool Ponds. These water features sell themselves! We're around if you have specific questions, but we promise there's no slimy sales pitch here. Enjoy your own self-guided tour of our gardens with absolutely zero pressure. When you're ready to talk specifics about what you want in your yard, you can meet Steven, our project manager, either here at our display center or in the comfort of your own home.

Working with us is different... in a good way. You will love our people, our ponds and our passion. We hope you will contact us for a design consultation soon!


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