DIY or Professional Installation?

should you hire a professional pond builder
This pond was part of Cool Ponds' garden at the 2017 Flower and Patio Show.

Sometimes just getting started is the hardest part.  We are unique at Cool Ponds: we are here to help no matter if you want your project installed by us or you want to do it yourself. 

Let us take you step by step through the process. Here are some considerations when deciding whether to have your project professionally installed or tackle it yourself:

Reasons to Hire the Professionals

  1. Our well-trained crew can install your project in only a few days whereas it make take you a few weekends. No offense meant, but we do this everyday and we know what we're doing.
  2. Your budget allows for a professional installation. Why not!!!
  3. You can't figure out what exactly it is that your spouse wants -- let someone else figure it out.
  4. Physical labor is not your cup of tea or you've earned the right to take a break!
  5. You'll enjoy the entertainment of watching our crew work while you sip a cool drink.
  6. The idea of a one-year, all inclusive warranty makes you smile....

Reasons to Do-it-Yourself
  1. You don't care how long it takes... It's about the journey not the destination.
  2. You're looking forward to a good work-out.
  3. You love planning, tinkering with, and designing things.
  4. You and your spouse are used to working together on projects or at least you are used to not understanding each other on projects!
  5. Bragging rights.
  6. Extra money saved on labor means a larger project!

Through the years, we have seem many, many water features installed by homeowners that are absolutely beautiful and fully functional. On the other hand, we've had many people decide to redo their DIY project and this time hire us!

Just remember, do your homework; if you hire, hire experience; and if you DIY buy a complete, quality kit from experts that can help you. You will thank yourself when your project is complete. 

If you're trying to decide what your next step should be on your new project, stop in and let us walk you through.  We would love to help! 


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