Types of Aquatic Plants

How to Plant Marginal Plants : Find out the best way to plant marginals in your pond.

What do you do with your plants in the winter? : Learn what to do with each type of pond plant to prep it for winter.

Everything You Need to Know About Algae : Learn how to keep your pond crystal clear.

How to Build a Frog Bog : Learn how to build a frog bog on your pond.

What Exactly Is Pond Filtration? : Get the ins and outs of the easiest, most natural ways to filter your pond.

How to Overwinter Tropical Aquatic Plants : Learn how to keep your tropical marginals over winter (hint: it's easier than you think!).

Edible Water Gardens : Did you know some pond plants are edible?

Water Hyacinth Turning Yellow? : Yellow hyacinths might actually be a good sign for your pond.

Water Lily Pests

Consider This When Choosing Aquatic Plants

Water Hyacinth

Tropical Plants

Trouble In Paradise: Keeping Your Plants Under Control

5 Tropical Plants I Can't Do Without

Evaporation Experiment


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