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Increasing Curb Appeal : Read our tips on how to increase your house's curb appeal.

What ONE Thing Does Every Water Feature Need? : Read on to see just what that "thing" is!

What's Around Your Water Feature Is Important Too : What's the best way to finish the edges of your pond so it looks great and is easy to maintain?

How Exactly Does Rain Harvesting Work? : Understand the basics of how a rainwater harvesting system works

Why Harvest Rain Water? : Check out this infographic on why it's important to save rain water.

Creating A Backyard Habitat : Find our what you need to add to your yard to create a wildlife habitat

5 Ways to Nurture the Earth (And Save You Effort!) : Small (and large) steps you can take to save you time and effort on your yard

Winter On Your Patio : Get patio and porch styling tips from Staci to beat your winter blues.

Gardens That Take Care of Themselves : Find out the best ways to make your yard drought-proof.

Love Your Yard This Autumn Season : Discover some new ways to enjoy your yard.

Enjoying Your Backyard : We're experts in backyard enjoyment. Read our tips for enjoying your own outdoor sanctuary.

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