Why Is Your Pond Water Cloudy?

Clear water is what we strive for.
If you're struggling to clear your water,
you may be treating the wrong symptoms.

debris in pond water

The most common issue pond owners deal with in the summer is their water clarity. And every summer is different. Heat, rain, lack of rain, each issue can cause different problems in your water feature. 

If you're in a battle with water clarity, first you need to know what you're fighting. In the pond it's difficult to determine the issue. Take a clear glass and scoop out some of your pond water. Check below to see what type of issue you're facing:

The photo above is water is green! You have a crop of single-celled algae.
  Follow our instructions to get your water clear and healthy again.

This is a great example of debris in your water. It's common to confuse green water and debris filled water when looking in your pond. Read on below to see how you can clear this water!

So you have determined you have suspended debris issue... now what?

The best way to remove the debris is a complete pond cleaning. That option is not always the best or most practical. There are other ways. Keep reading!

Two easy ways to filter debris from your pond

fine filter pad
This fine filter pad catches a ton of debris.

Debris Filter Pad
The first product is a fine debris filter pad that can be placed inside your skimmer net or basket. Be warned, this thing fills up with debris very quickly.  Make sure you can rinse it out with your hose at least once a day! You'll be shocked how much debris it filters out. This is not a normal filter you would find in your skimmer -- it is very dense but pliable. Again temporarily place this INSIDE  your skimmer net or basket. They are sold in a pack of 3 and are meant to be used a few weeks and then disposed of. They perform miracles on debris filled water!

The photo shows a new debris filter vs a debris filter that was only in a skimmer a few hours!!!

Adding clay.

Koi Clay
In order to get the debris to your filter faster, we recommend using koi clay. Seems counter-intuitive to add clay to a debris filled pond, but it's very effective. It binds the debris together making it easier to filter out. It's a simple powder that you mix in a bucket of pond water and pour around the perimeter of the pond.

It has the added benefit of beneficial minerals and nutrients for you fish!

In addition to using the fine filter pads and clay to clear the debris from your water, we recommend using our other recommend treatments too. They all work together to keep your pond crystal clear and algae-free and maybe if they are used regularly and proactively help keep your water from becoming debris filled in the first place!

Find all these products in our store or our online store.


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