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Maintaining Your Pond-Free Waterfall : How low-maintenance are pond-free waterfalls? Very, very low-maintenance!

How to Plant Marginal Plants : Find out the best way to plant marginals (a great algae-battling plant) in your pond.

The Best Way to Oxygenate Your Pond : Learn the best way to oxygenate your pond.

Got Green Water?  : 13 tips for reducing and preventing green water (single-celled algae)

Should I Rock My Pond? : The answer is yes!

You inherited a what? : Get a brief overview of the care for your new pond.

Everything You Need to Know About Algae : Learn how to keep your pond crystal clear.

What Exactly Is Pond Filtration? : Get the ins and outs of the easiest, most natural ways to filter your pond.

The Secret of Pond Care : Get the inside scoop on how Cool Ponds keeps our ponds so clear all the time.

The Biological Waterfalls : Learn what a "biological waterfall" is and why they're so important for your pond.

Your Summer Pond : Read these tips for summer care for your pond -- from fish care to algae, we've got you covered.

Aeration Is Key : Why is aeration so important? And will your waterfall suffice? 

Diagnosing Water Quality Issues : Cooler weather is the best time to diagnose water clarity issues.

Consider This When Choosing Aquatic Plants

The Iongen Can Be An Algae Solution

String Algae In Summer

Why Is Your Pond Water Cloudy? : Why does your pond have debris floating in it and what can you do about it?

String Algae After Winter

String Algae All Year

Behind-The-Scenes: Bacteria


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