The Best Way to Oxygenate Your Pond

Oxygen! Your pond needs it. How do you deliver it?

The absolute best way to oxygenate your pond is via an aerator.

Aeration is the best method for pond oxygenation
The bubbles in this pond are from an aerator.

Your pond needs oxygen not just at the surface but throughout the entire water column. An aerator helps to circulate water from the bottom of the pond to the top, which spreads oxygen throughout the entire water column, and not just at the surface of the pond.

So the inevitable question-- well, wouldn't a water pump at the bottom of your pond pushing water to the surface do the same thing?  Well, no actually. Yes, a pump at the bottom of the pond would circulate water. But it won't add oxygen like an aerator does. 

And what about plants? You've heard of so-called "oxygenator plants." During the day, submerged plants (and algae!) do produce and release oxygen into the water via photosynthesis. But at night, or even on cloudy days, they will pull oxygen from the water.

Submerged oxygenator plant
Hornwort is a submerged plant that's often called an "oxygenator."

You absolutely should have plants in your water. But don't rely on them to oxygenate your pond!

Even if you have an aerator, you need to have the correct type and install it correctly to oxygenate your pond properly.

Your aerator can be too small for your pond. Certain aerators are rated for certain depths. You can quickly burn up an aerator compressor by forcing it to work harder than it should. And dropping an aquarium aerator into a 1,000 gallon pond just won't cut it.

Your aerator can also be too big for your pond. You still want to be able to see your fish, right?

Let us size an aerator for you at our store. And we can show you what they look like in the pond too!

As for installing your aerator, during warm months your diffusers should be at the lowest depth of your pond to be the most effective.

air stone diffusers
These air stones are diffusers, which sit at the bottom of your pond.

In winter time, the cold water will hold more oxygen, so circulating the water isn't an issue. But your fish still need to breathe, and if your pond is covered in a sheet of unbroken ice, gas exchange will not take place. You need to create an opening in the ice, and your aerator is the perfect tool. Place your diffusers just underneath the water surface to agitate the surface and prevent ice from forming.

pond aerator in winter
This hole in the ice is being created by an aerator at the surface.

Use our winter airline kit so that you can run separate airlines and diffusers. Just switch from your "summer lines" to your "winter lines" without having to move any diffusers!

Oxygenating your pond with an aerator is one of the best things you can do for your pond.

Every single one of our personal ponds, display ponds, and installed ponds has an aerator. Every one of them. They are that important! 

Oxygenation is great for fish health, bacteria growth, and water clarity. Get your aerator today and see what a huge difference it will make in your pond!

Shop our aerator selection on our webstore or at our brick and mortar store.


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