String Algae All Year

Algae In Your Water Feature, Now?

It may still be pretty cold outside yet it seems our old friend string algae is still hanging around. I can see it under the ice in my pond. The ice appears to be a nice light shade of green. Seems like algae shouldn't be growing since it's cold outside but when it gets a little sunlight it grows! Soon as we begin to experience mild spring-like days it will take off with reckless abandon! To keep string algae at bay, we need to have aquatic plants to compete with it or treat it to prevent it -- right now we have neither.

Sting algae can make a waterfall appear "slimy" in winter too.

Here's the good's a plant and it's putting oxygen in the water so it is benefiting your fish. The bad news, if it's in your pond, it will have to be dealt with in the spring. If you're wondering what to do about string algae that has taken hold of your pond or waterfall,  here are your options for now:
  • Be patient. You can choose to do nothing. Eventually you will have to remove it -- decaying algae (or any plant material for that matter) will not only contaminate the water for your fish, it provides nutrients for more algae to grow. But you can leave the removal process for spring. It's not harming anything right now.
  • If you don't like how it looks on your waterfall or in your creek, you can use Algae Off. To use Algae off, however, you'll have to unplug your pump. Don't leave it unplugged for too long in cold temperatures. You don't want your tubing to freeze.
  • If your pond or pond-free has a lot of will most likely need to be cleaned in the spring. So have a plan. Will you clean it yourself or have Cool Ponds clean it for you? If you plan to clean it yourself, you may want to attend our spring cleaning class (see our current class posting for the soonest cleaning demo). We will actually demonstrate how to clean a pond on a feature here at our store. If you would like more information about Cool Ponds cleaning services, please email or stop by the store.
Once the water temperature reaches 50 degrees again, you can begin getting a hold on string algae by using Remove Away. Used weekly, in our experience, Remove Away will keep your feature virtually free of string algae. And guess what? The official beginning of spring is right around the corner now!

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Written by Cool Ponds Co-Owner
Staci Wicker


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