Behind-The-Scenes: Bacteria

What does beneficial bacteria do for your pond?

You should expect your water to be this clear!

When customers ask me for something to get rid of the algae in their pond, they refer to an "algaecide" product. It's important to understand the difference between the treatment process Cool Ponds uses and algaecides. We use products that stop algae growth at its source; whereas algaecides only kill existing algae. When algaecides kill algae suddenly, the pond does clear, but that dead algae becomes food for the next round of algae-- with nothing to prevent it from doing so. 

We prefer a steadier and more natural approach by using BioClear and Clean, one of the most powerful bacteria products on the market. This aerobic bacteria breaks up suspended waste. This waste is produced by plants, fish, insects, and is normal to have in a backyard pond; and it's this stuff that feeds suspended algae-- in other words, green water. 

When BioClear and Clean is added to the water, it multiplies exponentially, eating up waste faster than algae can, essentially starving the algae. 

It's important to understand a few things about BioClear and Clean: since it is aerobic, it needs a richly oxygenated environment to function at its best; when the bacteria breaks down waste, it produces carbon dioxide as a by-product, so it's important to keep a hole in your ice during the winter so that the gases can escape; and though this bacteria may break apart large deposits of waste, it is not formulated to do so. Muck Off is a different bacteria which is formulated to break up muck. Biological Clarifier also does not help string algae. Remove Away Plus is a great product for that long, hair-like string algae. 

The staff of Cool Ponds uses these products in our display ponds and our own ponds as well. We've tested several other popular brands, and this has worked best for us so far. 

--written by Cool Ponds' staff member Kasey Wicker


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