The IonGen Can Be an Algae Solution...

For Pond-Free or Pondless Waterfalls,
An IonGen Makes Sense

Aquascape's IonGen System

Ionizers are the newest, biggest product to hit the water garden industry in several years. Finally a way to get rid of all algae once and for all. As I explain the IonGen below (the IonGen is Aquascape's ionizer -- there are several on the market by different manufacturers) please note that I am recommending this product for pond-free applications only.

Basically, the IonGen is an electronic water clarifier. It can eliminate algae in your pond-free without chemicals or really much work on your part at all. According to the manufacturer, "the IonGen automatic control panel sends signals that slowly dissolve a replaceable, self-cleaning metal probe. This unique combination of metal ions released into the water increases water quality, clarity, and drastically reduces the need for traditional chemicals."

Touchpad of the IonGen

After some initial testing and adjusting of the "easy-to-use" touch pad (which adjusts the amount of metal ions being released into the water) there's no more work on your part. The probe which is easy to remove should be replaced as necessary, usually every 1-3 years depending on use.

We've installed several of these units on our customers ponds with exceptional results. They're not initially inexpensive at $349.98, but over the life of your pond-free, it can payoff within just a few years. (That's not even counting the time you currently spend!)

Written by Cool Ponds co-owner, Staci


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