What ONE Thing Absolutely Every Water Feature Needs

What's the single most important thing any water feature can have? Is it a filter? No-- not quite. Water? Well, yes, probably. Fish? Not all water features can have fish!

The most important thing a water feature can have is LANDSCAPING!

every water feature needs landscaping
Without the plants around our Delight pond, it would look very out of place!

Didn't see that one coming, did you?

Landscaping turns a man-made pond into a natural wonder. It gives the water feature context, and makes it seem so much more real, like Mother Nature just dropped that water feature there Herself!

When we remodeled our front yard at our display center in early 2018, we took extra care in choosing our landscaping. Staci gave Steven, our project manager, a long wish-list of plants, and they all have these attributes:

They are pollinator friendly.

pollinator friendly landscaping around pondless waterfall
This native butterfly weed is a pollinator's paradise!

They are hardy enough to tolerate our dry, Indiana summers.

They will fill in space quickly (yay-- less weeding and mulching!).

fast growing native plants landscaping around water feature
All of these plants have at least doubled (and some tripled!) their size since being planted just three months before this photo was taken.

The result is something truly spectacular. Our yard is full of bees, butterflies, birds, dragonflies, and native beetles. The longer you look, the more life you find! Although our water features are still the stars of the show, the landscaping makes everything pop.

If your water feature needs some naturalizing too, call us. We will build a landscape for you that will give you beautiful color, shade, and natural interest for years and years.


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