Why Harvest Rain Water?

When we have a huge downpour of rain, it breaks my heart to watch all that precious water get dumped into the storm drains. And it breaks my heart even more when, on a dry day, we drag out our garden hose and spray our plants with chlorinated water. It just doesn't make sense!

Here are the figures why that doesn't make sense. I even put it in a nice infographic if you don't feel like reading!

why harvest rain water

A 2,000 square foot space (think your roof or your driveway) will accumulate 1,250 gallons of water during a 1" rainfall. Now let's take an average June in Indianapolis, which has about 4" of rainfall in the month. That's 5,000 gallons of water that's accumulated just in that 2,000 square foot space in one month. That water typically will fall into the street in front of your house, empty into a storm drain, into a storm sewer, and out into a river. That river then empties into the ocean. Essentially, that water is not used!

So what can you do with 5,000 gallons of rain water (in a month)... Hmm...

How about topping off your pond from evaporation? Watering your plants? Even watering your grass lawn!

Not only will it save you money (and the Earth!), but rain water is so much better for your plants and your pond than chlorinated city water.

Ready to take some action? Consider adding a rainwater harvesting system to your existing water feature or new water feature.


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