Increasing Curb Appeal

Whether you're selling your home or just want to spruce up your yard for your own enjoyment, a little work this spring can go a long way to both!

The outside of your home makes a lasting first impression. Trust us: we know how important it is to look good! We carefully designed the front of our shop to be warm, inviting, and colorful (but also very low maintenance).

Here are some tips for curb appeal specifically (we'll move to your backyard later in the post).

Water Features In the Front Yard 

The Wickers went to the extreme with a pond covering most of their front yard. It's easy to navigate to their house -- it's the house with the pond in the front!

pond for curb appeal front yard

Of course you don't have to go quite this big. A customer of ours wanted to make an impression from the road, so a massive waterfall flanks the driveway.

On a smaller scale, even a simple spilling urn or bubbling rock adds a natural touch. 


Landscaping makes a huge impact. Nothing is more inviting than blossoming flowers and full landscape beds. Make it easier on yourself with native perennials -- they're nearly drought-proof! 

Just take a look at the front of Cool Ponds. The landscaping is eye catching -- imagine even just a single bed that looked like this in front of your house. What an impact!

Landscaping Makes All the Difference from Cool Ponds on Vimeo.

Paths and Path Lighting

When you picture a charming house, more than likely you picture the garden path winding to the front door. Or maybe it's less cottage-like and more like an impressive formal entry, complete with paver pathway. Either way, a path leading to your front door is visually inviting. 

path lighting for curb appeal

Add some outdoor lighting to that path and you've got a recipe for some serious curb appeal.

Although we talk a big game about creating your "backyard paradise", we're experts in making the front of your home look good too! Set up a meeting with our project manager, Steven, to get started.


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