Enjoying Your Backyard

8 Tips for Enjoying Your Backyard this Fall

enjoying your backyard in fall
This is part of the "Wicker Sanctuary" where our nighttime
socializing, fire pit, morning sun coffee drinking happens.

Ahhhh. The hot part of summer is behind us (maybe) and a cool breeze is blowing. Don't get the snow shovel out yet... we still have many weeks left to enjoy our backyards. Here are some tips from the Cool Ponds staff to help you get the most out of the rest of the year in your backyard...

1. Enjoy the night life!

Turn off Netflix and spend some time relaxing outside in the evening. Now that the sun is setting earlier, enjoy time in your yard at dusk. Grab a bottle of wine and take in the underwater lights in your water feature.

2. Invite some company.

This is a great time for entertaining. You don't have to make this into a big garden party or anything... order a pizza, invite some friends or family -- combine with Tip #1 for an even better experience!

3. Savor your morning coffee.

I love peaceful mornings. Sitting by the pond with my coffee enjoying the birds and fish is the best way to start the day. Make sure you have a comfy chair and a place to put your feet up!

4. Take a dip --  the water is still warm!

 Now is a great time to get in your pond and do any maintenance you may have been putting off -- cleaning up plants, repotting lilies, or installing underwater lights. It's actually quite nice once you get in. If your pond is large enough, enjoy a stay in it and relax a while -- awesome!

5. Take advantage of some warm rays and a cool breeze.

Spend an afternoon reading by your water feature in the sun with a cool breeze washing over you. It's that perfect temperature, never hot, never too cool. Why can't it always be like this?

6. Cozy up by the fire.

Hopefully you have a fire pit or fireplace in your backyard. It's the second most important feature every backyard should have. (Water features are number one of course.) It's a great time to snuggle with loved ones!

7. Be a part of nature.

Nature doesn't have to be wild and scary. Sitting still while the dragonflies dance around and hummingbirds dart around the plants is being a part of nature too. Add some bird attracting plants, some plants dragonflies love or simply some no-mess bird food. It's that easy!

8. Make your backyard a place to enjoy all 7 tips above.

If your backyard isn't your sanctuary, now's the time to make it that way! Remember although we are water feature specialist, Cool Ponds is a full scale landscape company.

Not sure where to start? Stop by Cool Ponds and meander through our display gardens for inspiration. We all have backyard sanctuaries and would love to help you with yours!

We are experts in the "Sanctuary Department." Watch the video below for proof!


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