Essential Products for Spring Pond Care

Springtime is a crucial period for pond care. If you wait too long to get your pond ready for the upcoming warmer weather, then you're setting yourself up for some headaches. You don't want to battle algae all summer -- you want to enjoy your pond!

The following spring essentials will get you set up for a great pond season. Take it from the professionals: you don't want to go without these products.

Spring and Fall Prep
Cool Weather Bacteria

spring and fall prep cool weather bacteria

Did you know that BioClear and Clean (Cool Ponds' preferred beneficial bacteria) isn't effective in water temperatures below 50 degrees? In Indiana, we don't normally hit those kinds of temperatures until later in April. So in March and early April, when your organic debris starts breaking down and turning into algae food, there's not much to stop it!

Spring and Fall Prep works at much lower temperatures. So as soon as there is no ice on your pond, you can use Spring and Fall Prep.


algaeoff string algae

During a pond cleaning, nothing works quite as magically as AlgaeOff! Instead of furiously scrubbing the algae off your rocks or trying to pick it off with your hands, you just sprinkle AlgaeOff onto your rocks while the water is drained from your pond (and the rocks are still wet). Wait about 30-40 minutes, then you can hose the algae off your rocks. Get it? Ha!

But really, this stuff is great. We use it on the majority of our pond cleanings.

Remove Away Plus

String algae loves spring! The sunshine warms the water enough to really get it going. And its biggest enemy -- your aquatic plants, aren't growing and thriving yet to starve it of nutrients. That's where Remove Away Plus comes in. Not only will it battle the string algae that's already there, but it will more importantly keep it from growing in the first place. Get it before it starts so you're not dealing with water quality issues later!

Aerator System or Replacement Aerator Parts

pond aerator for backyard pond

All these great water treatments we are talking about need lots of oxygen. They work so much better with an aerator!!!

If you don't have an aeration system, we won't waste too much time explaining why you need one in this article. (You can read all the great reasons why you should have an aeration system on our blog here. Or read why an aerator is the best source of oxygen.).

We'll just cut to the chase: get one!

If you already have an aeration system, then it's possible yours might need a tune-up (you can read our aerator maintenance guide here). Airstones can get clogged with algae. Springtime is a great time to swap those out. If your aerator isn't pushing quite as much air (or any air) as it used to, then it might be time to change the aerator diaphragms. These are all parts of the aerator that are easy to replace and keep your aerator going for years and years.


floating pond thermometer
These curious koi are checking out the floating pond thermometer.

This should go without saying, but you need to check your water temperature in the spring and fall especially. The water temperature will let you know when it's time to feed fish / stop feeding fish and use certain treatments. You need a thermometer!

Keep using these treatments when the water temperature is over 65 as well!

Cool Ponds Low Temp Fish Food

cool ponds low temp fish food bucket

Winter can be hard on fish, especially with the temperatures fluctuating so quickly like they do here in Indiana. Low Temp Fish Food has a higher wheat content, so it's great for helping your fish make up for lost nutrients in the springtime.

Make sure you're gauging when to feed with Low Temp food with a thermometer! You can't feed fish in temperatures below 55 degrees. And you should switch to our Premium Fish Food in warmer weather.

Don't forget that you can get all these supplies from both our online store and our brick-and-mortar store here in Indianapolis.

Let's get your pond off to the right start this spring and not play catch up with green water all year! Are you ready! Let's go shopping!


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