For the Health of Your Fish and Your Pond

Feeding Fish the Healthy Way

What you feed your fish has a direct impact on how your pond looks everyday. More than you know! You may have purchased a low quality fish food and not even know it. Any fish food that is purchased at a box store, hardware store, or even a chain pet store will most likely not be quality fish food, period. Just because it’s a “name brand” does not mean it’s quality either. Just because it's a brand that is well-known doesn't mean that company knows anything about pond fish. What difference does the quality of the food make? They're only fish, right? Well, poor quality fish food is mostly fillers - corn, wheat, etc. How many fish climb out of the pond to eat corn, anyway? That's not natural! Their digestive systems don't know what those fillers are, so they go directly through the fish and end up as waste in your pond — there is very little nutritional value. Fish waste not only creates a toxic environment for your fish, but it also feeds algae; algae can make your water green or it can be long and stringy strands. Often times when a customer asks for help with green water, it has started because they're using a low-quality fish food.

Your fish are your pets and you have possibly invested quite a bit of money in them. Doesn't it make sense for the health of your fish to use a high-quality fish food? Think about it…. Do you feel better when you have eaten a salad or a cheeseburger? The salad is filled with nutrients that are good for our bodies… the cheeseburger, not so much. A fish food that has been formulated and manufactured by a company that specializes in ponds or pond fish will develop a fish food that has the nutrients to keep your fish healthy, growing, and help them fight off stress and disease as it comes along. Your fish come into contact with parasites, viruses, and other stress factors in your pond everyday. If you ensure they are healthy and strong with a proper diet, they will be able to fight off anything that comes their way. It's common in our store to talk to customers with sick fish to find our they haven't been using our fish food.

Now, for the absolute best health of our fish (and ponds) we wouldn't feed our fish at all. We would let them eat algae as it grows and nibble on the invertebrates that reside in our pond water. Unfortunately, we like to treat them as pets; we like to see them grow; and we keep our ponds very clean. So for now, we’ll just feed them the good food, only what they will eat in about 2 minutes, a few times each week. We’ll have healthy fish and healthy ponds!

Written by Staci Wicker
Cool Ponds Co-Owner


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