For the Health of Your Fish and Your Pond

Feeding Fish the Healthy Way

What you feed your fish and how you feed your fish has a direct impact on how your pond looks everyday. More than you know!

You may have purchased a low quality fish food and not even know it. Any fish food that is purchased at a box store, hardware store, or even a chain pet store will most likely not be quality fish food, period. Sticks or flakes? Not usually a quality food. Don't be fooled by a "name brand" either. 

What difference does the quality of the food make? They're only fish, right? Well, poor quality fish food is mostly fillers - corn, wheat, etc. (just like a lot of pet foods). How many fish climb out of the pond to eat corn, anyway? That's not natural! Their digestive systems don't know what those fillers are, so they go directly through the fish and end up as waste in your pond — there is very little nutritional value.

Fish waste not only creates a toxic environment for your fish, but it also feeds algae.  Often times when a customer asks us for help with green water, it has started because they're using a low-quality fish food or they're feeding their fish too much or too often.

So how do you find a quality food and how should you be feeding your fish?

First of all, you are looking for a fish food with a high protein content. Also, the first ingredient should not be a grain.

Second, only feed your fish what they will eat in a minute or two. They're most likely always going to act hungry, but that's ok. Let them root around the pond and find some algae or insects to eat.

What do we feed our fish at Cool Ponds? We've combed the pond market for the highest quality fish food with a great price point. You can find our food in refillable buckets on our online store or our physical store location.

So here's the wrap up... For healthy fish and a healthy pond, feed your fish only what they'll readily eat in a couple of minutes. And start with only feeding your fish once or twice a week. If you have a great filter system and lots of aquatic plants, you may be able to get away with feeding more often. Don't forget to use a high quality fish food like Cool Pond Premium Fish Food. Your fish and your pond will thank you for it.


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