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Maintaining Your Pond-Free Waterfall : How low-maintenance are pond-free waterfalls? Very, very low-maintenance!

Does Your Filter Media Need to Be Replaced? : We describe when to replace the filter media in your pond.

How Often Should You Clean Your Filter? (And How!) : Learn how and when to clean the filters in your pond -- sorted by filter types.

The Benefits of Adding a Stream to Your Pond : Learn why a creek is so important for your pond.

Should I Rock My Pond? : The answer is yes!

Top 5 Things To Consider When Building Your Pond : Read these tips from the pros before you begin your pond building project.

What Exactly Is Pond Filtration? : Get the ins and outs of the easiest, most natural ways to filter your pond.

Choosing The Right Equipment : Save yourself some heartache later -- read this personal message from Staci. 

The Biological Waterfalls : Learn what a "biological waterfall" is and why they're so important for your pond.

Aeration Is Key : Why is aeration so important? And will your waterfall suffice? 

Why Is Your Pond Water Cloudy? : Why does your pond have debris floating in it and what can you do about it?

Essential Elements of a Low Maintenance Pond


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