Top 5 Things To Consider When Building Your Pond

1. How will you maintain your pond after it’s built?

Too often we help customers try to maintain their pond to crystal clear water standards who have ponds built incorrectly. In some cases, it’s just impossible to have clear water simply because the pond doesn’t have correct filtration or construction.
Some things to plan:

  • Putting a creek on your pond. Even if it’s just a small two or three foot section, having a creek will dramatically help keep your water clear. It will accumulate muck and collect it in an accessible spot for you to clean. Read more here.

  • Digging your pond too deep. Deep water is hard to maintain! A pond depth of two to three feet is ideal.

2. How long will your products last?

Trust us, pinching pennies now and getting cheaper products in the initial build will cost
you a lot more money in the end. By the time you replace, repair, upgrade, you’ll have
spent so much more money than if you’d bought quality products from the start.

We field test every product we sell before we put it on the shelf. We know that it works,
works well, and will be the best value for your money. We also work with vendors who
have great warranty offers on their products.

3. Can the person selling you your materials explain how to put them in?

This may seem like a no brainer, but let me put it this way: would you buy auto parts from
a store that could tell you nothing about how to install those parts on your car? Heck no!

I love buying products from Amazon as much as the next person. But the few times I’ve
had to deal with their customer service, it’s been a nightmare. With something as intricate
as a pond, make sure you know what you’re buying and that you buy it from someone
who can support you through the process of building too!

From initial design to maintaining your pond for years afterwards, we’re here to give you
as much inspiration, advice, and encouragement as you need.

4. Is the pond placed in the right spot?

There’s nothing more fun that watching your pond every day. Even if the weather is too crummy to be outside, seeing your pond from your windows is so much fun. Every single day your pond will look a little different. So please do NOT build your pond in the back parts of your yard! It should be up front and center! 

5. How will your pond fit in with your landscape?

Your pond will be beautiful all on its own, but if you have to sit in the mud on a plastic lawn chair to enjoy it, it may take away some of the ambiance! If you can’t do a full landscape all at once, plan out how you can incorporate some natural plantings, patio, shade structure, comfy furniture—whatever it is that will make your outdoor space just as cozy as your indoor space!


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