The Secret to Pond Care

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the secret to pond care

“How do you keep your pond so clear?”

When a new customer finds us and meanders through our gardens, this is inevitably the first question they ask. When we grin widely and tell them our secret, some of them scoff.

“No,” they say. “I’m sure it’s not that simple. You must drain it every month.”

Or, “Well—you have a paid staff whose only job is to take care of these ponds.”

Basically, just general disbelief. People really can’t believe that having a crystal clear pond can be possible with such little effort. (How much effort you ask? Try ten minutes a week of effort.)

Those of you who have been with us for awhile know what “the secret” of pond care is, and I’m sure those of you who have just met Cool Ponds are dying to know right now—what the heck is the secret?

cool ponds natural pond treatments
Steven Jr. tosses in a BioClear and Clean.

 Follow Mother Nature!

When it comes down to it, that’s what we’re doing. We’re following her example. We add water plants (consumers of nitrogen in the water), keep the water highly oxygenated, add an aerobic bacteria, mix calcium montomorilliteclay into the water periodically, add a supplemental enzyme to inhibit string algae growth—

I’ve lost you. I’m sure you’re thinking, “Ah ha! You said it was simple. And that is definitely not simple.”

When we explain how to care for water features to our customers, we abbreviate the process as much as possible. Because honestly all you need to know is that you put in X in X quantity X amount of times. You don’t need to know what X does on a chemical level – though if you do, please ask. We’re dying to get all pond geek on you and talk science.

In simplifying the process for you, we’ve glossed over the details though. Yes, bacteria and enzymes are all you really need to have a clear, healthy pond. Is that all we use? No.

Our free water treatment brochure (see below) reflects the acutal regimen of what Cool Ponds uses: in our personal ponds and in our professionally maintained ponds. It does include some additional steps, but it will make taking care of your pond that much easier.

cool ponds treatment brochure
Click here to open a PDF of this three page water treatment regimen.

We now offer a Treatment Tote with our complete treatment regimen that our pond maintenance technicians use, including: BioClear and Clean, Remove Away Plus, OneFix, Koi Clay, pHusion, Muck Off, and test strips. All of this fits in a convenient carrying tote for easy storage and easy carrying to the pond. 

Pick up a Treatment Tote today from our store or grab one online.

We are always looking for ways to make your water feature experience simpler and more enjoyable. This new water treatment regimen and repackaging are giant leaps towards that better experience!  


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