Talk About Satisfaction

Happy All Around

So I asked "the family" what makes them feel good about water features. Let's get back to it -- what was it that made each of them decide to join this business. For Steve and I (Staci) it was easy -- we loved everything water and chose that as our profession. But what is it that made two of our kids choose this also. So here's how Steven Jr responded: 

"Often overlooked at our store is just how fun it is to create these features. There's a lot of thought, creativity, and love that goes into our work. Often times when the crew gets done with a project, I can see the same satisfaction from their faces as I can the customer's."

Holy cow. What an awesome sentiment. And so true. Our crew cares so much about every water feature they install and the family they install it for. Probably every company could say the same. But we truly mean it. Plus it is really fun (hard but fun) to build a water feature!

Job well done -- and appreciated team!


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