How Sweet the Serenade!

Have You Ever Had the Pleasure..?

I'm really trying to concentrate. It's crunch time. I have about a week's worth of work to do in the next two days but it's really difficult.

It's difficult because of the serenade I'm receiving from my office window. He's right there and I really want to go look for him like I have a hundred times before. But the little guy always eludes me.

He's a bull-frog. And he "sings" all day long. The little guy is looking for a lady friend but I love to hear his call as well. His sound brings me back to nature and makes me forget about the pile of work I must do -- unfortunately or fortunately, I'm not sure. 

Having frogs in your pond or any type of water feature really is such a treat. You can't really put them there yourself. I mean you can try. Adding tadpoles to a pond is a common practice. But it's up to them if they want to stay or not. Mostly frogs just find ponds themselves -- then decide if they want to stay.

This is what draws me to water and water features -- the nature it attracts. Frogs, birds. fish and all the other critters are what truly make a water feature a haven, a sanctuary, an oasis. And oh the bull frog makes it sound like summer! 

What type of wildlife does your water feature attract?  Do you take the time to enjoy it? I'm so grateful that as a company we build water features that make it easier for wildlife. Duck rocks, plants for dragonflies to perch on, foliage for frogs to hide in... these are what make it for me and the wildlife to enjoy together!

-- Staci


IN.outandabout said…
Thanks for sharing Staci. I too love our frogs that come to our pond. We have to watch the bull frogs though. Believe it or not, we've caught them trying to eat the small birds that come in to bathe in our stream.
Unknown said…
I absolutely love to hear all the frogs in our pond. I often go out to see how many I can count in the creek/stream. Once in a while I'll see dragonflies, too. That's a real treat.

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