Water Lily Pests

Hey, What's Eating You?

This little guy makes my lilies look like swiss cheese!

Water lilies are the gem of the pond. Their distinct foliage and beautiful blooms are the finishing touch that makes a pond complete. They are without a doubt my favorite aquatic plant. So to my dismay, this year I must share a portion of my water lilies at home with a little caterpillar -- the China Mark moth caterpillar to be exact. They're sometimes referred to as "sandwich man" because the little guys cut a little circle in the lily pad. They either fold the circle in half or cut another piece and attach it all together with a silken bag and then use it for a protective shell to keep fish from eating them. They're able to move about the lilies nibbling and swimming quite easily like little turtles in their shells. Have you noticed holes in your lily pads? The China Mark moth caterpillar is most likely the culprit.

This is the little shell he makes.

I'm okay sharing with them. As we have preached before, if you build it they will come. So some of our lily pads aren't as pretty right now, so what. It's not for me to say what's more important the China Mark moth or a dragonfly. They're both insects that reside in the habitat that we built them. And I think it's pretty cool actually!

Written by Staci Wicker
Cool Ponds Co-Owner


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