9 Essential Fall Products for Your Water Feature

fall care backyard ponds
essential fall products for your pond

Over the years we've compiled a list of the products we feel everyone needs for their ponds for fall and into winter. Here are eight items you need!

Click on each item title for more information and a photo.

Extremely important if you have trees in your yard. Keeping leaves out of your water feature is your number one priority during fall. Make sure to get staples to attach the net to the ground. Also as you can see in the photo above, the net should be "domed" over the pond. Use small pieces of rebar hammered into the ground and then over the rebar place pieces of pvc or conduit to make the "dome." Rebar and conduit can be purchased at any hardware store. Find pond netting and a video how-to here.
Your second most important item for fall. This beneficial bacteria breaks down any debris in the pond and lessens the chance of it becoming algae food. It also keeps the water cleaner and healthier for your fish. It's much like our BioClear and Clean, but Spring and Fall Prep can be used even when the water temperature gets down to 35 degrees! Start using Spring and Fall Prep in early fall. Find Spring and Fall Prep Bacteria here.

You will need to know the water temperature so that you can switch the type of beneficial bacteria you are using and the type of fish food you are using. Find pond thermometers here.

When the water starts to cool off in early October, it's time to switch to Low Temp Fish Food. Low Temp food digests quicker and helps fish prepare for winter. Find Low Temp Fish Food Here. Remember -- you will stop feeding your fish when the water is below 55 degrees!

Speaking of fish... You want to keep them safe and healthy all winter, right? So they will need an opening in the ice on your pond for oxygen to get in and carbon dioxide to get out. Using an aerator is the easiest and most cost effective method for keeping a hole for gas exchange.

If you already have an aerator, just make sure you bring those air stones or air plate up to the water surface. You don't want to disturb the warm water at the bottom of the pond. Or even better, buy a winter airline kit. Leave your current air stones where they are, disconnect them from the aerator, and add the new stones just for winter. Don't forget to cover the aerator to keep it protected from the weather with something like a faux rock. Find Aeration here.

It's always a good idea to have dechlorinator on hand all year long. There will be times when you need to top off your pond, especially in the depths of winter when ice is forming and "wicking" the water right out of the pond. And to be honest, we've all put the hose in the pond and forgotten about it -- yikes! Keep your fish safe by keeping the chlorine out of the water. Find dechlorinator here.

7. Floating Alligator and/or

8. Fish Cave

floating alligator decoy
Floating Alligator Decoy

The fish cave looks just like a log!

With no plant cover, your bright, beautiful fish look mighty good to a hungry Great Blue Heron. The floating alligator looks so real as he slithers in the water it will deter the Heron from staying to eat. Find a Floating Alligator here.  On the other hand, a fish cave will give your fish a place to duck for cover or hide out the winter in relative safety. 

Sometimes leaves do get in our ponds and they cause the water to turn dark colored. When this happens we recommend using Activated Pond Carbon to get the color back out of the water. Find Activated Pond Carbon Here.

You can find all these items in our brick-and-mortar store store or our online store.

Please let us know if you have questions about fall, winter or any time of year with your water feature. We are here to help. 

Happy Fall!


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