Pond Owner’s New Year’s Resolutions

We promise these resolutions are easier to keep than the diet and hitting the gym resolutions (we have those too—don’t worry). Believe it or not, gearing up for your water gardening season now is the best time to plan! Too many people wait until the dead heat of summer to look at their pond, when it’s honestly the most difficult time to care for a water feature.

So no need to feel guilty about these resolutions—they’re easy to keep and fun to work on.

                1)    I will clean my pond this year.

Okay, maybe this one isn’t fun. But it is important! Cleaning your pond every year either in the spring or fall eliminates build up of debris and nutrients, which algae gobbles up. For the absolute easiest season, clean your pond.

pond cleaning
Of course if you don't feel like getting your hands dirty, our crew can clean your pond for you!

2)    I will not overfeed my fish.

“Overfeeding” is different for every pond. We can help you determine how often you can feed your fish without affecting your water quality. But I’ll warn you now: our answer to how often you can feed your fish will never be “multiple times a day.”

feeding pond fish
They're not really hungry, you know. They're just begging!

3)    I will share my water feature.

Be proud of your water feature! Share it on Facebook. Brag to your coworkers. Better yet—have people over to your house to see it. Hosting parties by your water feature is so much fun. It’s the perfect conversation piece.

enjoying pond
Ponds are so interactive! Your friends and family will love it.

4)    I will look outside the pond.

One of the coolest parts about ponds, to me, is how much wildlife they attract. And they do an even better job of that if your plantings around the pond are native, pollinator-attracting, bird-attracting, or just plain beautiful. You may not know—but Cool Ponds began as a landscape company! We’re just as good at planting trees and shrubs as we are at building waterfalls.

landscaping around pond
These asters (purple) and gaura (pink) are not only beautiful, but they are excellent for pollinators!

5)    I will take time to enjoy my water feature.

This one should be the easiest one! That’s why you have your water feature in the first place, right? If there’s something keeping you from completing this resolution, then you need to visit us. I’m sure we can help.

Every pond needs a good chair next to it.


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