Choosing the Right Equipment

All Ponds (Components) are Not Created Equal

At Cool Ponds, we eat, breathe and sleep water features. We love them. We have them at home; we vacation around water; we’re just crazy about water! And we want to make sure that you have an awesome water experience as well.

We work very hard to find the best products and procedures to make sure you spend time enjoying your pond and not working on it. 

I couldn’t be more emphatic about this! We don’t want to work on our water features in our time off of work either. So we can guarantee that the products we sell and install will be the best value and need the least amount of maintenance.

Even though we’re a family business and we have a lot of fun (I do mean a lot!), we try to stay professional.  Part of that professionalism is not talking poorly about competition or products that we don’t carry, that being said — oh my gosh!!! It makes me very angry when customers are taken advantage of.

While I’m writing this, our crew is busy fixing a pond that was installed by another pond professional. They paid $35,000 for it originally and it needs an additional $21,000 in work from us! 

What really got me going to write this article is the skimmer that was originally installed on this pond. Frankly, it’s crap. It has no filtering capacity what-so-ever. The sad part is that the skimmer is made by a reputable manufacturer, but it's a terrible, cheap model. When it comes to pond products, you seriously get what you pay for. Unfortunately, these customers weren’t aware of what was being installed. They trusted this company. Their money was totally wasted on this skimmer. It does nothing but protect the pump. There’s no filtering capacity at all.

Just like any business, we get a lot of folks coming to us asking for advice and education and then they purchase their products elsewhere… the internet usually. How do we know? Well they usually tell us, believe it or not.

The problem with buying cheap pond products on the internet is this… you're not getting the same products we sell. Internet stores and apparently some brick and mortar stores are selling on price, not function and value. 

Do it once and do it right. Your time and money is too valuable to waste on something that isn't goint to work correctly.  And remember -- just because it’s a skimmer by a reputable brand doesn’t mean it’s a good skimmer! The same with pumps, waterfalls, pond treatments, etc.

We want you to have the best products for your pond -- a long-lasting quality that will improve your water feature experience overall. But those products aren't necessarily the cheapest options. 

We believe in doing business the right way -- by giving you a great water feature experience, which ultimately will enrich your life in a truly unique way! We couldn't sleep at night if we knew we were selling sub-par products.

Back to the pond our crew is working on… obviously it wasn’t just the skimmer. There was a multitude of problems. They wish they had called us first and so do we. But we’ll get their pond fixed so it’s something that’s enjoyable.  I wish I knew how to save everyone the heartache. Maybe someone reading this will think twice before they add inferior products to their water feature…

UPDATE: Yes we did get the water feature fixed and now they can enjoy it and not worry about it. The pond stays clean and clear and beautiful all year long!

Staci Wicker
Cool Ponds Co-Owner


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