Summer Heat 2012

A Record Breaking Summer!

The heat hasn't stopped the Hibiscus!
These hardy plants bloomed early and
loved the heat!

Some of us are fed up and some of us are just used to it. Isn't it strange that we think 90 degrees is a relief? For me, I don't necessarily like it, but I have gotten used to it. We started spending evenings by our pond again, mostly because we missed it. I see ponds all day, but my pond relaxes me and lets me unwind.

Like us, I think our fish have started to get used to the heat. They're resilient. It seems our bird friends may be having a tougher time, however. At our shop and our house anyway, they're cleaning out our feeders almost immediately once they're filled. I assume since plants are struggling the normal supplies of seeds, fruits, and insects won't be as plentiful as normal. If you are a person who feeds the birds, I encourage you to keep it up even if you don't normally feed in the summer.

As for your pond, these are my suggestions:

  • For your fish and your water clarity, keep your pond aerated! This is probably the most important thing you can do. An aerator in addition to your waterfall or fountain pump is a must! If you've had your aerator for awhile and it seems to have slowed down, it could be one of two things: 1. Your air stones may need to be cleaned. You can soak them in muriatic acid but be sure to rinse them well before using them again. Or 2. The aerator diaphragm may need to be replaced. The diaphragm is inside the unit and very easy to get to. Many manufacturers recommend replacing the diaphragm annually.
  • Keep using beneficial bacteria weekly. Biological Clarifier is the beneficial bacteria we recommend. It will keep fish waste, decaying plant material, and dead algae from feeding algae blooms.
  • If you have leaves falling from the drought, it may be time to net your pond. Leaves in your pond can cause water quality problems later. Better to take care of it now.
  • If your pond is in the sun, try to add some shade. Water lilies or floating plants work great for this.
  • Have some extra dechlorinator on hand. Due to the lack of rain and extremely low humidity, we're filling our ponds like crazy both here and at our homes. And sometimes we forget and leave the hose running and go to work. (So maybe I did that yesterday, whoops... we all do it sometime or another. No harm done, the fish are fine this time.) If you add more than 15% of the total water volume, we recommend adding a dechlorinator like our Vanish to make the water safe for your fish. 
Although initially the heat was keeping most people inside, lately we've seen a resurgence of customers looking to get outside and enjoy their pond or install a new pond. I know I'm ready to get outside again; hope you are too!

Written by Cool Pond Co-owner, Staci


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