String Algae After Winter

Taking Care of String Algae in Early Spring

Sometimes in early spring string algae is at its worst!  How can this be?

First of all string algae will grow in very cold water. So just a couple days of warmth will get it jump started and then look out -- it keeps on going. Plus aquatic plants aren't yet starting to take in nutrients because the water is still cold. Aquatic plants are our best defense against string algae. To top it all off, when the water temperature is below 50 degrees Remove Away Plus is not effective.  With all that going on, you have a recipe for a mess.

 Are you wondering what to do with that mess that used to be your pond? Well let's get started...

A Complete Pond Cleaning is Best
If you plan to clean your pond, there's no time like the present! Most people don't look forward to cleaning their ponds but are so relieved and happy with the results once it's done. Check out our video.

Remember that a pond cleaning is not the end of the journey... it's the beginning. You must still use water treatments, Remove Away Plus and BioClear and Clean regularly to keep the pond clean and looking its best.

What If a Pond Cleaning Isn't an Option
Every pond doesn't need cleaned every year.  Here's what you should do if you don't plan to clean your pond:
  • Remove as much algae as you can by hand. Often times if the algae is very long, you can just grab a rake or a stick and twirl the string algae around it. It will come out in big sheets. Take out as much as you can this way.
  • Once the water temperature is above 50 degrees, you can start adding Remove Away Plus.  Remove Away Plus will start slowly breaking down what algae is left and keep new algae from growing. If your algae is really bad, use it twice each week at a double dose. 
  • If some small floating debris develops in the water keeping it from being as clear as it should be, place some extra filter media in your skimmers. You will most likely have to clean the filter once or twice a day which seems like a lot of work, but it's less work than a pond cleaning.
  • Make sure that when you are using Remove Away you are also using BioClear and Clean. The bacteria in BioClear and Clean will break down the string algae as it dislodges from the surfaces in your pond so you're not just feeding more algae!
  • Have patience! This will work... but it works slowly so there is no stress to the fish. Killing algae quickly can also kill fish quickly.
Keep Using Remove Away Plus and BioClear and Clean
Remember these products are best used proactively. Keep treating with them at least every other week for best results all season.

Ponds That Had Fall Cleanings Had the Least Trouble With String Algae
Normally, ponds that have cleanings in September and October have less string algae in them in the spring. The nutrient load is removed so the algae has no food source. Consider a fall cleaning on your pond this year and see if  it makes a difference!

For best results against string algae during summer, make sure to have plenty of hardy and tropical marginal plants for competition and use Remove Away Plus and BioClear and Clean weekly. It doesn't have to be a battle ... just a little preventative maintenance.


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