Using a Deicer For Your Pond

Using a Deicer for Your Pond

The most sure-fire way to keep any water feature from completely icing over is to use a deicer.  A deicer is an electrical appliance that floats in the pond and will keep an area of the pond ice-free.

The goal of a deicer in a pond is to keep a small hole or section from freezing so that oxygen can get in and carbon dioxide can get out. 

For ponds, if you have a skimmer, keep the deicer as close to the skimmer opening as possible (without it floating into it.)

Extension Cords and Deicers
Most deicers have a short cord -- ours only 9' or 10'. Sometimes an extension cord is necessary. However, not just any extension cord is adequate for use with a deicer. Deicers pull a lot of amps. Make sure to get a heavy duty outdoor cord, and have a plan to make sure the connection isn't open to moisture (an extension cord connection cover is a good idea).

Use a Deicer Large Enough for Your Feature
If you're simply going to keep a small opening in the ice, it may seem that any size deicer would be adequate for any size pond. This however, is not the case. If you use a deicer that is undersized, it will work harder to keep that opening using way too much electricity and eventually burning itself out. Let a Cool Ponds staff member help you size the correct deicer.

Is Your Circuit Adequate for Both Your Pump and Deicer?
Many times a pump and deicer cannot be used on the same circuit. Check the amps of your pump, your deicer, anything else running on that circuit (hopefully nothing) and your circuit before using them together. Too little power can cause the circuit to pop resulting in a frozen water feature! You may need to run an extension cord to another outlet on a different circuit.

Final Thoughts
Remember that although deicers are an excellent way to keep an opening in the ice, they also use a lot of electricity. Consider using a deicer as a backup and an aerator at all times for the most effective and economical solution.


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