Pond Lovers' Gift Guide

pond lovers gift guide

When you're shopping for the pond lover in your life, finding the perfect gift couldn't be easier, even for the pickiest of pond owner! But if you're not sure what to buy, these six gifts are sure to please.

1. Aerator

Aerators are great for keeping your pond clear and keeping fish healthy. No pond owner has ever regretted adding an aerator! 

2. Cool Ponds' Premium Fish Food

These floating fish food pellets are perfect for any size pond fish. Your pond owner will love the high protein levels in this food... We mean your pond owner's fish! Not the pond owner. It doesn't make a great people snack.

3. Cool Ponds' Treatment Tote

This treatment tote has everything a pond lover needs to take care of his or her pond. It comes with instructions on how to use each treatment.

4. Fish Net

Every pond owner needs a net at some point! Whether they're scooping out a stray leaf or catching fish, they'll be grateful for your gift. See our full selection of fish nets at our physical store location.

5. Underwater Lighting

A great underwater lighting system is the envy of every pond lover. These lights are powerful, low wattage, and will last a long time. Don't be overwhelmed by the different choices -- we've got lighting guide that anyone can use to set up a great lighting system.

6. Floating Alligator

These floating alligators are not only cute (and a great way to scare neighbors), they're very effective at keeping pond fish safe from blue herons. If you really want to surprise the pond lover in your life, don't wrap the alligator, just float it right into their pond -- see how long it takes them to notice!

Of course, you can always go with the tried and true gift card! Your loved one can purchase any of our great pond supplies for themselves.


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