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Pond Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning your pond annually can make a big difference in how easy it is to maintain your pond through the year. Read our post here to see if your pond needs a cleaning . Watch the video above for the steps to cleaning your pond. And check this list here for all the supplies used in our cleaning: 5 gallon buckets (2 or 3 are handy to have) 100 - 150 gallon tub for fish -- we like the large Rubbermaid tubs you can get at many farm supply stores Netting to cover the fish tub Fish net to catch your fish and remove debris  Aerator for fish tub -- move your existing aerator to your fish tub if you have one Garden hose High pressure nozzle for your garden hose Cleanout pump -- you can use whatever pump you have on hand. It's very useful to have a pump with an intake on the bottom of the pump that doesn't clog easily. The pumps we use professionally are a high-volume solids-handling pump.  Cleanout pump tubing Scissors Supplies to repot your water lilies -- watc

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