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Do you need to replace your filter media?

Note: If you need a refresher, read our post about filter terminology,

Does your filter media need replaced?

Filterfall Filter Mats : Replace when they begin to tear or fall apart.

Skimmer Mats : Since these are cleaned more often than waterfall filters, they will need to be replaced more frequently. Replace when they tear or fall apart.

Skimmer Nets : When the frame begins to rush or the netting begins to fall off.

Skimmer Brushes : When the metal begins to corrode or brushes become very compact, it's time to replace.

Lava Rock : Replace every 5 years.

BioBalls : Never! They are good for a lifetime.

Urn Filter Media : Every 2 - 3 years, or as often as the mat begins to fall apart.

Not sure what kind of filter media you need? Bring some photos and dimensions of your filter into our support center, and we'll size the right replacement filters for you!

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Just for reference, the above photo is a Filterfall mat that's a few years old. This is after we'…

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