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Got Green Water?

13 Tips for Reducing and Preventing Green Water

So you have a pond and you love it. You have beautiful fish you love to watch cruise around the water. But now... the water is totally green and you can't see anything. You're starting to not love your pond so much. We hear this complaint in our store, so if this is you, just know you are not alone.

As we've said before, the easiest way to cure green water is to set up your pond correctly from the start. To see what we mean by that, read this article. But if you are way beyond the initial set up, read the steps below for some tips on what you can do now.

Before you begin, you must determine the cause of the green water. It can be single-celled algae or it could be tiny particulate (dead string or carpet algae) floating in the water. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. Take a sample of the pond water in a clear container and place it against a white background:

Does the water have a green color to it? If so this article is for you... read …

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