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Aerator Maintenance Guide

Our aerators will last you many, many years (some of ours around Cool Ponds are 10 years old!). But every once in awhile they need a little tune up.

If your aerator isn't working quite like it used to, use this guide to maintain your aerator. 
By the way, all the supplies mentioned (including handy aerator refresh kits) can be found at our brick and mortar store and our online store.

We're going to look at both the PA and KA series. First let's look at the PA series.

PA Series Aerators

First let's check to make sure there is air coming out of the compressor. Remove the air tubing and feel for air.

You won't feel a LOT of air, but you should feel equal amounts of air coming from each port. If you feel equal amounts of air from each port but you don't get many bubbles coming up from the airstones, then it's time to replace your airstones.

You can get more airstones here.

If you're getting no air out of any of the ports, then it's time to change the di…

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