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Should You Run Your Water Feature In Winter?

Although the question of if you should run your pond or waterfall in winter has been around since snowflakes first landed on ponds' surfaces, the question has become a much bigger debate for us at Cool Ponds recently.

In Indiana, our winters are becoming more unpredictable. Will we have 60 degree days? Will we have 6 degree days? Will we have both in the same week? Who knows!

In short terms: Cool Ponds recommends you shut your water feature down for the winter. 
The choice is of course a personal one, and many of you may feel differently than we do. Here's why we came to this (difficult) conclusion.

Topping your water feature off in the winter can be difficult.  You will still lose water from evaporation in the winter time, especially if you have a large waterfall. And remember that any ice that forms on the top of your feature is ice from your feature -- meaning that if you have 3" of ice on the top of your pond, that's 3" of water from your pond, or essentiall…

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