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Essential Products for Spring Pond Care

Springtime is a crucial period for pond care. If you wait too long to get your pond ready for the upcoming warmer weather, then you're setting yourself up for some headaches. You don't want to battle algae all summer -- you want to enjoy your pond!

The following spring essentials will get you set up for a great pond season. Take it from the professionals: you don't want to go without these products.

Spring and Fall Prep Cool Weather Bacteria
Did you know that BioClear and Clean (Cool Ponds' preferred beneficial bacteria) isn't effective in water temperatures below 50 degrees? In Indiana, we don't hit those kinds of temperatures until April. So in March, when your organic debris starts breaking down and turning into algae food, there's not much to stop it!

Spring and Fall Prep works at much lower temperatures. So as soon as the ice starts melting on your pond, you can use Spring and Fall Prep.

During a pond cleaning, nothing works quite as magically a…

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