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The Best Way to Oxygenate Your Pond

Oxygen! Your pond needs it. How do you deliver it?

The absolute best way to oxygenate your pond is via an aerator.
Your pond needs oxygen not just at the surface but throughout the entire water column. An aerator helps to circulate water from the bottom of the pond to the top, which spreads oxygen throughout the entire water column, and not just at the surface of the pond.

So the inevitable question-- well, wouldn't a water pump at the bottom of your pond pushing water to the surface do the same thing?

Yes and no! Yes, a pump at the bottom of the pond would circulate water. But not nearly as effectively as the tiny bubbles from an aerator diffuser do. By using a pump instead of an aerator, you're wasting money (aerators are way cheaper to run -- only a few watts!) and effort (your pump requires weekly or even daily maintenance -- your aerator will only require minimal yearly maintenance).

And what about plants? You've heard of so-called "oxygenator plants." Duri…

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