April To Do's for Your Water Garden

Here's What to Do in Your
Water Garden in April...

what to do with pond in spring

April is an exciting time in your water garden! I don't know about you, but I never tire of seeing plants peek up from the earth, fish starting to become active (can you believe how much they seem to grow over the winter?), and everything blooming each spring!

But a little work now before everything really gets going with summer heat and sunshine could save you a lot of work later in the year.

Here's what you need to do...

Consider a Cleaning

spring pond cleaning
Our techs are super busy in April cleaning your ponds!

Decide if you need a cleaning here. Not every water feature needs cleaned. But if your water feature does need a cleaning, then April is a great time to do so!

Start Your Weekly Treatments (Hopefully You already Have) and Use the Right Treatments

spring pond treatments
We use Remove Away Plus weekly to keep string algae at bay.

Adding weekly treatments is a no-brainer.  Believe me, there are a lot of ponds that we clean each year that if the pond owner just used our treatments, they wouldn't need it cleaned! Adding treatments keeps your water looking great rather than fighting it once it looks bad. Proactive instead or reactive is always better for your water feature.

But remember that all treatments are not the same!!! There are many treatments on the market that are ineffective, create a "chemically addicted pond," or are quite frankly scary -- meaning they can harm the fish and other critters living in your water feature. Please don't use these.

The treatments we recommend are not the only good treatments on the market today but I can assure you they are the best on the market at treating your pond in an effective, ecological manner with no harsh chemicals and are completely safe for you, your critters, and the environment.

We can help set up a treatment regimen for you, but the two main treatments to remember for ponds are BioClear and Clean and Remove Away Plus. Buy them exclusively at Cool Ponds or our online store.

Divide Aquatic Plants

water plants in spring
Keep water lilies happy by dividing them every 1 - 2 years.
Before they really get going, now is a great time to divide your aquatic plants. While dividing your water lilies, fertilize them with year long fertilizer and plant them in a fabric drawstring bag for best results. They will reward you all season with beautiful blooms without any additional work on your part.

Clean Your Filters and Pump 

cleaning pond filters in spring
On the left is the filter before cleaning. Wow!

Even if you aren't going to clean your pond completely, you should take the time to clean any filters and filter media you have in your pond. If you have a waterfall filter and skimmer set up on your pond, this should be the only time you clean these this year. Once the water temperatures start to stay warm, you should not clean your filters... If you clean them, you run the risk of destroying all the good stuff (beneficial bacteria) in them that you try so hard to establish with water treatments.

Start Feeding Fish? Maybe, read on...

fish food for spring
If you do feed your fish, make sure to use a high quality fish food, like ours!

Did you know the most common cause of pond water quality issues is fish feeding? Did you also know that you don't have to feed your fish? What? Yes! There are plenty of insects, algae, invertebrates that we can't see that your fish feast on. I promise they won't starve.

Consider this: your pond is a closed system...until you add fish food and then you contaminate it. So, we all know that if you feed your fish, you love it! But realize you do it for you not them. If you decide to feed the fish, feed sparingly, two or three days a week at most only what they will eat in a minute or two. Plus, only use high protein food and nothing that has a grain as the first ingredient. Grain means more waste -- yuck. Or just buy our fish food!

Shop at Cool Ponds

In mid-April, our first batch of fish arrive for the season, and in late April, we begin to get our water plants in.

Although we're open year-round, April is a great time to shop at Cool Ponds. We have our best selection of fish and plants, and the gardens look great and inspiring!

What About Pond-Free or Pondless Waterfalls?

spring for pondfree waterfall

Well you have very little to do! Remove any debris that has accumulated on top of the rocks over the winter and give it a good rinsing. Trim back any aquatic plants that may not have been trimmed in the fall and you are good to go! (The basin of a pond-free should be completely drained and refilled every 4-5 years for most.)

Get Outside and Enjoy Your Water Feature

You installed it to enjoy it... Now quit reading and get outside!


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