What's Around Your Water Feature Is Important Too!

Newly installed pond-free waterfall.

Don't we always focus on what goes into the pond?
Well what's around the pond is just as important! 

Some Types of Mulch Are Bad!
Sorry to be so blunt about that, but it's true. Whatever is in your mulch is going to end up in you pond. Do you want dyes in your pond?  Many "economy" mulches are nothing more than chopped up pallets that have been dyed.

For our store and installation clients, we use Forrest Fines Hardwood Mulch. It's all natural so nothing runs into the water feature and it's ground fine which looks better. You can purchase Forrest Fines from Greendell Landscape Solutions in Mooresville or we carry bagged Forrest Fines in our store.

No Lawn Chemicals
So often we get the call from a concerned pond owner because their fish have all died. Nine times out of 10 if they all die at once, there is a contaminant in the water. Quite frequently there's been a lawn treatment. We've even heard stories of people finding professional lawn applicators with their sprayer hoses draped into the water! Yikes!  Also, don't use Preen around your pond. Any chemicals or fertilizers are a no no!

This is the same water feature as above but one year later. What a difference!!!

How About Some Good Stuff?

Plants to Naturalize
Ponds can be beautiful, but nothing beats a well-landscaped pond! Not only will your landscape plants be aesthetically pleasing, but they're functional as well. They provide habitat. Dragonflies and pollinators will be more prevalent; birds will have shelter and food; blue herons will have a more difficult time getting to your pond and harming your fish.

Sitting Areas
A rookie mistake people often make when installing a water feature is putting it away from the sitting area. At the time it might seem like a good idea to put it in the back of the yard, but then where do you sit and enjoy it? Make sure you have a patio, deck, or other sitting area close to your water feature. Ideally it will be located close to your house so you can see if from inside too, but if not at least have a place for a couple chairs to relax. That's where you want to be right... next to the action... the hungry fish?

Need some help dressing up your pond or creating a sitting area? Maybe you need some shade or a fire pit? We can help. Visit our showroom to see what our awesome crew can do for you!!


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