How exactly does rain water harvesting work?

So if you read Why Harvest Rain Water?, you're probably wondering, okay but HOW?

The diagram above is a cut out of a pond-free basin. The basin holds water under ground that powers the pond-free. A rain water harvesting system uses this same set up but has a much larger basin to hold more water.

Underneath the stone and the permeable pavers pictured above is our basin. Our gutter also empties into this basin. Any rain that falls on the patio or the roof gets collected in this basin.

This hose and gutter pictured above is attached to the same rain water harvesting system. The hose is attached to a pump in the basin, so we can use rain water to fill ponds and water our gardens whenever we need it!

This rain water harvesting system makes it extremely easy to use the collected rain water, and the system keeps the water oxygenated so you won't have any anaerobic, smelly bacteria collecting in your basin. If you're interested in learning more or want Cool Ponds to install a rain water harvesting system, contact us today!


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