Can Cool Ponds redo my water feature?

Every year, we get more and more calls for water feature renovations. It's one thing to build a water feature from a bare yard-- it truly reinvents a yard! But when a water feature already exists, and we have the chance to rebuild it, the result is truly spectacular.

cool ponds pond remodel
This was the Wickers' first pond with Taylor going to her first day of kindergarten.

cool ponds pond remodel
Pond #3 with Taylor graduating high school!

The circumstances for remodels are always different. Sometimes the homeowner "inherited" the pond when they moved in to the home. Sometimes another company or contractor built the feature. Sometimes we even built the feature many years prior! Sometimes the features get bigger, sometimes smaller, and many, many times ponds become pond-free waterfalls.

Whatever the circumstances, here's how our remodels go:

We will tear out everything in the existing feature. Your liner, filters, rocks, tubing, all of it goes! We will put our new product in, and we will leave your yard with a brand new feature in place of your old one.

So here's the biggest question we get with remodels, "Can you reuse my X?" The only part of your old water feature we can reuse is rock (except limestone -- we will not use limestone).

And here's the next question we get, "Why can't you reuse my X?"

We want to be absolutely certain that the feature we put in for you is solid. We want you to get many years of enjoyment out of it with no headaches and definitely no leaks! Reusing tubing, liner, or even old filters can spell disaster later on.

We're going to be upfront here: a remodel generally costs more money than if we build a feature from scratch. The reason for this is the extra labor cost of removing the old water feature. But we've never finished a remodel with an unhappy customer! The cost of redoing the water feature is so worth the price, especially when you can enjoy your new feature and instead of worrying about it, maintaining it, or wishing it could look different.

We are genuinely excited to help people renovate their existing features. If you're interested in having our project manager come design your dream water feature with you, please get in touch with us.

cool ponds pond remodel


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