Your Water Feature Investment

What Is Your Rate of Return?

Good or bad, when you decided to create a water feature either with your own hands or someone else, you made an investment. I can hear the voices already..."Wow did I! That thing cost me a bundle."

That's not the type of investment I'm talking about.

The type of investment I'm referring to is much more personal... you made an investment in your peace of mind.

So how's that working out for you? Usually we hear one of two answers: Either it's the best thing you ever did and you get so much relaxation and benefit from it that you wish you had done it much sooner. Or we hear it causes you so much effort, work, and frustration that you want to fill it in. We hardly ever hear somewhere in the middle.

So if your answer is the latter, have you tried to discover why it's so much work? Because it shouldn't be that way. That's what over half of the customers we installed features for over the last three years discovered. That's how many features we installed that were remodels. Their water features  were installed either by themselves or another contractor and it just didn't function properly and they had finally had enough. They decided they wanted a water feature that "worked on them" instead of the other way around.

I've written this many times before -- it is unbelievable how little time it takes to maintain a properly installed, balanced water feature. At home it takes about 10 minutes a week to take care of two large ponds. They're clear and beautiful too. It's all in the set-up, the installation, the balance of plants, filtration, aeration. It's not rocket science, but it does take experience. We want to share our experience with you through our classes and seminars or through our installation crew.

Think about it. What's your return on your water feature investment? Are you getting the peace and relaxation you should be getting from it? If not, decide to make a change... make it right. So what are your options?

Maybe Your Feature Just Needs Some "Tweaking"
Sometimes it's a matter of using the right water treatments, the right filtration or aeration, feeding your fish properly, or... just leaving your feature alone. We often times make our water feature maintenance more difficult than it needs to be. Bring us some photos and we can make some suggestions to help you.

Create Your Own Remodel
Join us for our Hands On Build a Pond Class.  (Click here for the complete schedule.) And remember to use quality products. We can help with this! So often it's inferior products that make your water feature a nightmare. Believe me, not all skimmers are created equal!

Call Cool Ponds for a Remodel
Sometimes doing it yourself just isn't an option. That's where our installation crew comes in. Stop by and see our display features. They're all priced so you can get a good idea how much it will cost before you invest any of your time. We build water features every day. We know what we're doing.

If you are getting a good return on your investment, congratulations! It's an incredible feeling to get home, let the sound of the water soak over your, and feel the stress of the day melt away. Everyone should be that lucky!

Thanks for reading!


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