Thank You for Another Great Year!

Here's to you...

Cool Ponds store front, fall 2013 -- See the before photo below.

As we reflect on 2013, there's only one thing we can say... THANK YOU!  For Cool Ponds, 2013 was a great year. Not only did we meet so many new, wonderful, interesting clients, but we got to know our prior customers even better. We were fortunate enough to install some really beautiful projects and bring a little (or not so little) piece of paradise to many new clients.

We've said it before, for us, our business is about building relationships. All of our water features are like living, growing creatures. They change through the years and over the seasons. We hope to be there for you as your water feature changes, to answer questions, give advice, or just share in the thrill of a new baby fish or a frog who has come to visit. This may seem entirely corny, but it's true. We are passionate about water features and want to share that passion with you.

This is what our place looked like when we closed on it
10 years ago. Looks more like a haunted house! I guess we
had some vision! (It was even worse inside!)

This year will be exciting for us. We will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of our store and we can also thank you for that! The past 10 years have been volatile for our country's economy and thanks to you and your passion for water gardening, we've made it! A lot has changed in 10 years -- as you can see from our photo above.

Our 2014 event schedule will be ready next month and we can't wait to share it and a whole lot of new, exciting programs with you! Yes, the pond tour will be back and we're adding another Build a Pond class!

From all of us at Cool Ponds, we hope you have a fantastic 2014. Thank you so much for your past business. We look forward to seeing you very soon this spring!

Thanks for reading!
Staci Wicker
Cool Ponds Co-Owner


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