Choosing the Right Water Feature

What Water Feature Fits Your Lifestyle?

When you're ready for a new water feature or another water feature, there's much to consider about yourself before you "take the plunge."

What Type of Water Feature Fits Your Lifestyle?
Although we build, sell, and promote ponds that are low-maintenance, there is some unavoidable maintenance that goes with a pond. A pond-free or pondless waterfall, however, requires little more than topping off water and removing debris every once in a while. The big decision is do you want fish and/or water lilies? You need a pond for both of those.

Of course, you can have your water feature hooked up to an automatic fill valve and never have to add water and you can pay to have your water feature maintained, as well. So that is another question. Do you want to maintain your water feature yourself or would you prefer to pay Cool Ponds to maintain it for you?

Are You a Do-It-Yourselfer?
Believe it or not, at Cool Ponds, we install more water features than we sell water feature kits. But more of our store customers are do-it-yourselfers than our installation customers. What does that mean? Well,often times people don't learn about Cool Ponds until after they have built their water feature. So lots of people build their own ponds... what is your time and energy worth to you. You can save thousands of dollars by installing your own water feature. But you can also pay to have it installed professionally and just sit back and enjoy it. No pinched fingers, arguments with your spouse, or creative road blocks.Learn more about the "Cool Ponds Difference" here.

Don't Skimp on the Products
Not all pond equipment is created equal. If you are going to go to all the effort and expense of installing a water feature, get the highest quality products you can afford even if it means going a little smaller with your feature. Trust me, you won't regret it. I have seen a lot of pond owners frustrated because their pond components failed them and they had to start over. In the long run, the difference in cost isn't that much and you will be so much better off for the investment you have made not only in your water feature but in your time and energy. We make sure our products at Cool Ponds will last you a long time.

Hiring a Professional
Sometimes, you just want a project completed by a professional. Creating a natural looking water feature takes education and experience. Don't hire your landscaper to install your water feature just because he or she says he or she can do it. Get photos, references, and go and see in person a water feature that they have installed. (And talk to the water feature owner. We have had our features in public places presented as someone else's work before.) Ask about maintenance and issues after the installation. Can they handle that? What water feature training have they had? Can they provide you with the exact specs of the pond so you know what type of replacement parts you may need in the future? Can they tell you how to take care of your water feature? Do they have a water feature themselves? Of course Cool Ponds can do all of that... Just call us!

Seriously, a water feature can be the best or worst investment you have ever made. Consider who you are and what you want.  I don't recommend doing research on the internet... It will just get you confused. Anyone can say anything on the internet, it doesn't mean it's true. Right... so this is on the internet, I know. But you can walk into my office surrounded by beautiful water feataures, have a seat on the couch, and talk to me anytime. Really!

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