Incredible Installations

Mother Nature Would Be Impressed!

     Our crew has installed several hundred water features over the past seven years.  I have really almost lost track.  Their ability to mimic Mother Nature is unbelievable.  I'm like a proud father when I get to visit a new water feature that David and the crew has just installed.  The pond and pond free waterfalls the crew is installing look great to me...and our customers.  Apparently they are impressing Mother Nature as well.

     As I get a chance to visit past installations and talk to our customers I am finding out just how much of an impact we have.  People are enjoying not only the fish, plants and waterfalls, but the critters that the water attracts as well.  They get to watch birds, dragonflies, frogs, toads, turtles and ducks on a daily basis.  I know that I personally have had as many as 12 different dragonflies at once in my pond at home.  Now I am seeing some more unusual birds around the water, especially during migration.  There is an increase in the amount of Leopard frogs we see these days in our water features as well.   What is so exciting about that?  Leopard frog populations have been on the decline in Indiana.  While they were not endangered yet, they were still at risk because of a lack of non polluted water.  My deduction--"Cool Ponds installs some clean water features."   What an honor. 

     Why do I feel so compelled to blog about this?   I know that experiencing nature up close and personal is becoming a lost activity.  So many people opt to stay at home.  It is easy to become stimulated only by our endless electronic media.  Taking even a little time to stop and watch a little nature can be a very relaxing way to start and end the day.  Soaking in just a little bit of Mother Nature aids in grounding a person back to the moment, back to reality.  Many of our customers get to enjoy this therapy anytime of day they wish.

     The crew never tries to trick Mother Nature.  They work with her.  Making a man made object become a natural beauty is a gift that they seem to endlessly repeat at home after home.  So many of our installations this past year and this year so far have been remodels.  Those customers now have the best water feature anyone can offer in an installation and the Mother Nature will enjoy it too.  I look forward to hearing their stories about how they get to enjoy the interaction between their new treat and the critters that it attracts.  It will change their lives.  Again, what an honor.

Written by Cool Ponds staff member Steve   


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