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(Back row from left to right: William Noble, Myra Kratz, Staci Wicker, Bill Wilcox. Front row from left to right: Kasey Wicker, Steve Wicker)

This blog is maintained by the staff of Cool Ponds, an Indianapolis-based retail pond store and professional water feature installer. Founded in 2005, Cool Ponds began when owners Steve and Staci Wicker's interest in wildlife and natural water features blossomed into a successful installation company. Having nowhere to send customers for pond products, they decided to open up a retail center; and thus Cool Ponds was born.

Cool Ponds' staff not only knows ponds: we love them. We enjoy our own ponds just as much, if not more, than our customers. Our aim in our store is to provide education, support, and a means of offering quality pond products. 

The focus of this blog is to give some insight as to who we are, why we love what we do, and how we got here. We hope you enjoy these thoughts, bits of advice, and anecdotes. And please feel free to leave your own "ponderings"! We always love to hear from other water garden enthusiasts! 

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